Diamond Multimedia HD7790 Review - Conclusion




Diamond Multimedia HD7790 Review


 The Diamond Multimedia HD7790 is a pretty good value and great for someone looking to build a value oriented gaming rig, or someone who just wants a GPU which can support gaming if they so choose to go after it. Currently the card is selling for $149.99 on Newegg. That is a pretty good price to be able to play most DX11 games. Many users don't always play games however those same users might want to be able to play games when they have a chance. Most games(real games) don't run well at all on integrated graphics that we see in modern CPUs, however this GPU is a nice upgrade. Many times we see scores 2-3x greater than the Trinity iGPU, which makes most games playable. The fan runs very silent and the heatsink seems to do a great job and considering we can't increase the voltage I don't see much point to replacing it. Diamond gives this GPU an OC right out of the box, and even though it is small, it's very easy to pull up the clocks a few more MHz. All in all if you are building a rig and you want to be able to play games once in a while, and you don't want to spend half your budget on a high-end graphics card then take a look at the Diamond Multimedia HD 7790.

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