GIGABYTE Z77X-UD5H Review - Conclusion



If there was a time in GIGABYTE’s history to bring their A-Game that time would be right now! Thankfully the people at GIGABYTE; from the hardware engineers to the BIOS engineers to their in-house OCer, Hicookie, it seems that everyone at GIGABYTE has been working extremely hard to make sure the product has the best hardware, the best software, and the best overall features as well.


This time GIGABYTE left off no features, all of their boards which have MVP have all the video outputs, not only because people will want to us them, but also because of the ability to use 3-Displays on the native video ports of the motherboard with Z77. They have worked on the memory tuning a lot, so 3GHz Memory with all 4-DIMMs and 16GB of memory is possible! It has even been done more than once! What is impressive is GIGABYTE’s attention to overclocking with Z77, they anticipated these 3rd Generation OC capabilities, and it has led to development of this board with added OC features. Keep your eyes peeled for a proper review of the Z77 platform with the 3rd Generation core i7 Processor.
So while the Z68 and X79 platforms weren’t ready at launch, these boards are. If you are looking for a Z77 board without headaches and great performance and overclocking, take a look no further than the Z77X-UD5H. At $200 without Wifi & BT, and $230 with the Wifi& BT the price and performance of this proper Z77 board are hard to beat. GIGABYTE could have easily charged more, but this time I guess they are being really nice.

Excellent performance
OC Features are so great!
Overclocking is a bit better than GIGABYTE Z68(Lower Vcore needed than the Z68X-UD7, better BLCK)
Works even better with 3rd Generation Processors
No BIOS issues like Boot Loops
Good OC Recovery
Low Price and Very High Value

The reset and clear CMOS buttons are a bit too close to each other
I am not a fan of the heatsinks.

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