G1.Sniper 3 Review - Creative Core3D (CA0132) Audio Testing



 Creative Core3D (CA0132) Audio Testing:

This is the software:

G1.Sniper 3 Review

 A lot of people have been asking for RMAA 5.5 shots, so I ran RMAA 5.5 on the Core3D, in three modes, 16/48, 24/48, and 24/96. The stock I believe is 16/48. 

G1.Sniper 3 Review

 It performs pretty well up to 24/96. It is hard to configure the Creative cards for RMAA, as they don’t play well together, but it scores extremely well in its native configuration, but not so excellently in the 24-bit/96KHz, which can show some weakness of the IC.

Read Life Sound: I actually like this little IC, its features are kind of cool, like the scout mode actually works can be configured to turn on or off with hotkeys. The sound is pretty good for gaming, I really like it, and the amps really do help. With gaming I look for two things while I play battlefield bad company 2 online (BTW I rock at it!) anyways, first of all the sound quality and second I look for the ability to hear which direction and distance the enemy is advancing from. With this IC I was impressed with the second, as scout mode does this thing where the really soft sounds of faraway foot steps are slightly amplified and you can hear the enemy and their direction. The sound quality was also very good with my Sennheiser PX-250 headphones (they have bass tubes, I know).

Sin’s Take: it is better than ALC898 in most everything, but not as good as the CA20K2 which was previously used on the G1.Killer boards. Now the implementation of a single chip opposed to 10+ really saves a lot of cost, and those savings seem to have been passed back. It is better than 99% of motherboard audio implementations and thus still is very good, and you don’t pay too much more for it, so it actually isn’t a bad idea. However it isn’t CA20K2, but it does excellent for gaming purposes. It seems however that at higher audio quality, the results aren’t as good as they could be, and this could be the IC’s limitation. Same results occur on the G1.Sniper M3 with the same audio and slightly different layout but same parts. However its sub 96kHz results are all fabulous. I personally don’t change my audio mode, so I hear excellent sound according to RMAA, but others might, and your sound is still very good, just if you want extreme excellence, you might want to go buy an audio card, as there is NO other motherboard that has better integrated sound for Z77 other than the G1.Sniper 3 and M3. Some other boards might say XF-I but they use ALC898 from Realtek, and ASRock also has some Core3D integrations, but they don’t have the amps, caps, nor Emi shield the G1 series has.

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